Sell or consign your car with us

Thank you for choosing Jim's Classic Garage to help sell your car. Although our website attracts a large audience, we do not rely solely on it to sell our cars. Below are steps we take with all our cars to prepare them to sell. We sell 99% of our cars outside the State of Washington. This means we want to take pictures of everything we would be looking at if we were to be buying the vehicle ourselves. If you have damage, we want to highlight it in our description and in the pictures. One reason we are so successful with selling online, is that we don’t sell hidden problems. If there's an issue with your car that you want sold "As-ls" we will not hide it for you. In the last five years as a dealer on eBay, we have a 100% rating from our buyers. This is amazing and we would like to continue to provide the best service possible to all our customers.

Included in all consignments:

➢     JCG will clean inside and outside the vehicle.

➢     JCG will put it up on a lift to evaluate the undercarriage. If it is dirty, we clean it so our pictures are presentable.

➢     JCG takes roughly 150 pictures of every car. Starting with the undercarriage, all floor pans, brakes, inner fender wells, basically anything that would show damage or potential damage.

➢     JCG will draft a nice description of your car, giving your vehicle the best chance possible to sell.

➢     JCG will list the cars with eBay, Craigslist, Old Cars Weekly, Classic Cars, Hemmings Motors, All Collector Cars and a whole host of free sites that will cover just about every corner of the world. We spend $850 per car just in initial advertising.

➢     Once a car is sold (sometimes our cars are bought and shipped overseas) JCG will help facilitate the shipping, the car gets washed and vacuumed again before it is put inside a trailer for shipping.

➢     We issue you, the client, a check for your portion of the sale and normally mail it within 10 days of the funds coming in.

In the few years of consignment car sales, it is apparent that Jim’s Classic Garage offers more physical service than what we get in return. The sales partners we use help us blanket the world, not just the country with the ads we run. We are extremely proud to offer our top tier service, however, need to increase our rates to 18%. Several reasons for this increase are outlined below, however, don’t cover everything we do to insure your car is safe and sells.

➢     Garage-keepers Insurance provided full coverage for your car (this rate increases every year)

➢     Heated storage at our Museum

➢     Extra advertising from being stored in the Museum

➢     Full-detail service of your car inside and out

➢     In-house professional style pictures (up to 150) of every part of your car

➢     360-degree style videos of your car driving, running, operating

When listing your car, we go to great lengths to sell and recover our investment in your car. One hundred percent of these services are offered by us up front for free. We have full faith that if we have put this type of investment in your car, and we will be successful.

When negotiating what price to start your car at, we will show you last year’s sales numbers for your car. We will also search online for like type cars for sale. Between you and us, we will find a starting price and a bottom line price. If we feel confident that your car is one that we might be able to sell at a premium, we will add as much of our fee to the cars starting price. We no longer negotiate our commission to accommodate selling the car for less than originally started at.

We are extremely good at what we do and take pride in providing a customized and specialized service and hope that this is the reason you have sought us out to work with. We have spent a considerable amount of time looking into how our competitors sell their cars and find no comparison whatsoever. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to stop in or call us.

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