Sell or Consign your car with us!

Selling a car of any type is always a challenge. When first considering selling your car many people wonder, where do I advertise, what is a fair price, what paperwork do I need, or other standards and practices commonly used in the industry. Most of us will likely only sell a car privately once or twice in our lifetime.  To avoid the headaches and the potential time sink that is selling a car, people often choose to consign their cars with us instead of going at it alone.

We here at Jim’s Classic Garage have been consigning pre-war and muscle cars as a hobby and professionally for decades. We have created a vast network of potential buyers, understand what those buyers are looking for, and what the value of your vehicles is in today’s market. We sell cars worldwide, and enjoy the history of the cars we sell and the people we get to work with daily.  

When you choose to consign your vehicle with Jim's Classic Garage, you gain the benefit of that knowledge, expertise, and experience in the classic car sales market. We are proud to provide a full service consignment process. From the moment you walk through the door, until you get a check, we take pride in making the process as smooth as possible. Should you choose to consign with us, here are just some of the services included in consignment at Jim's Classic Garage:

  • Pre-Consignment Inspection
    • Jim will personally inspect the car with the owner, giving both parties the chance to detail any issues, and selling points of the vehicle.
    • Once a condition has been established for the vehicle, we research the potential value, and communicate with the owner to determine both an initial asking, and bottom line price. Knowing these figures beforehand helps us to make sure we get the top dollar for your vehicle, and all parties walk away happy.
  • Advertising
    • At Jim's Classic Garage, we have adverting partners both in print and online. Not only do we advertising in magazine, social media, local classifieds, and community events, but we also list all of our cars in the leading online national car marketplaces including eBay, All Collector Cars,, AllWorldAuto, Carfax, Carfinder, and many more. 
  • Showing
    • We take the time to field all the phone calls, emails, and text messages from interested buyers so you don't have to. Having a professional shop for customers to visit when they want to look at your car is invaluable. Given the age of our vehicles, it is a real selling point to a potential buyer to be able to visit a brick and motor shop, see the car up on a lift if needed, and have the staff on hand who can answer any technical, or performance questions.
  • Paperwork
    • Lets face it, nobody wants to do a bunch of paperwork when they are selling a car. That why we here at Jim's Classic Garage have streamlined that process, Apart from signing a consignment contract to start, and your title upon sale, the only paperwork you have to do is your deposit slip at the bank. We will take care of reporting the sale to the DMV, drafting of all the buyers paper work (Bill of Sale, Buyer's Agreement, Money transfer instruction, etc), and record keeping.
  • Shipping
    • Once a buyer is found for your vehicle, we help arrange the shipping. Whether the vehicle is at our shop, your house, or in storage, we work with both the buyer and seller to find the best shipping option available for everyone. We have experience shipping both domestically and internationally, with shipping partners capable of delivering our vehicles anywhere in the world. 


If you have a classic car that you would like to consign or are looking to sell outright please fill out the form below completely and one of our staff members will get back to you as soon as possible.  

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