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Our commitment to excellence isn’t just a statement we make, it’s the way we do business.” For those of you that have been fortunate enough to visit our shop, the first thing you will notice is the cleanliness and organization of our shop. We treat our shop the way we treat your collector car while it’s in our shop… with respect.

The Five S’s

Working for GE Capital years ago, I learned some very valuable lessons. One that I use here at the shop is a standardization system called the Five S’s (5S) system.

Sort- Eliminate what is not needed

Straighten- Organize whatever remains

Shine- Clean the work area

Standardize- Schedule regular cleaning and maintenance

Sustain- Make 5 S’s a way of life


I guarantee that you will be hard pressed to find a shop that practices even one of these rules. Jim’s Classic Garage has every employee make the 5 S’s program apart of their daily life at our shop.

When you bring your most prized possession in for service work, full restoration, or for consignment, we treat it as if it’s our own.