Jim's Personal Guarantee


"If you are on our website looking at our classic cars for sale, you are halfway to buying a true classic. We sell cars with history to consumers interested in prolonging that history of a car that wouldn't otherwise be on the road considering its age. 

Each of our cars is described in great detail, and, in most cases, we have taken over 100 photos. We are not interested in forcing a purchase for the sake of a sale. We are interested in selling you a car that will bring happiness for years to come.

If the description reads "excellent shape" or "drives really good" that means it does exactly what we say it does. We draft each description and take pictures of all the defects and bad parts of the car as well as the good parts.

I'm willing to put my money on the table in order to help you feel more comfortable. If you see JIM'S PERSONAL GUARANTEE anywhere in the description, this means we are prepared to back up the condition. Since 99.5% of all our cars are sold outside the State of Washington, the majority of our buyers are unable to come look at the cars personally. I would like to make it easier for those of you who really want to, but don't want to get here to find that the car is the opposite of what you are looking for.

Now you can feel confident. If you fly here from anywhere in the world, and find that the car is not in the condition we have stated it is in and that we have overstated its condition, we will pay for your return airfare and one night's stay at the Inn at Gig Harbor up the street.

The Inn at Gig Harbor is 10 minutes away from our shop. There is also an Airport Shuttle that comes and goes several times daily. Enterprise Car Rental is inside the lobby of the hotel.

Please accept my personal invitation to come visit our shop and warehouse 7 days a week."