Based in Gig Harbor, WA. Mr. Sullivan has decided that it is time to part with some of his prized collection of Muscle cars and Pre-War cars before he runs out of room in his current location.

Jim’s Classic Garage is not your typical dealership. The list of available cars are from his personal collection, and can be viewed by appointment only.

Mr. Sullivan became interested in cars at the young age of 13, when he first saw a 1958 Corvette. The car was rough looking and going through a restoration process at a local garage. He knew right then that he had to have one and that he wanted to know more about the car. At 14, he went to work at the neighborhood service station where the head mechanic was the owner of the 58’ he fell in love with.

Fast forward 40 years and dozens of cars later, he is now the proud owner of a restored 1958 Corvette plus a dozen other cars.

The goal with selling some of his collection is to decrease the number of cars he owns and increase the historic substance and value of what he decides to keep.  Mr. Shelby and Mr. Packard have always been well liked by Mr. Sullivan and these vehicles are what he would consider historic and value added for his collection.

Jim’s is also currently looking for new restoration projects of any muscle or pre-war cars.  Please call Jim at 206-406-1313 if you have a car that you are willing to part with.