Jim's Classic Concierge Service

Jim's Classic Garage is proud to offer one of the most comprehensive classic car concierge services in the country. How would you like it if every time you drove your car, it felt brand new. Jim's Classic Concierge Service can give you that feeling. Do you need to have your car perfectly preserved, cleaned and valeted on a regular basis? Jim's Classic Concierge Service will ensure it will be in perfect condition when you need it. Planning a weekend away? Need your car delivered to a hotel, with a bunch of flowers on the passenger seat? Give us a call and let us know the hotel, date and the flower selection and we will take care of the rest.

We typically work for clients with large numbers of cars. We rotate two cars at a time through our shop every month. We rotate the tires, do tune-ups, brake work and a great detail. It is an in and out service. We then deliver the cars and pick up two more.

Brand New Every Time You Drive It

With Jim's Classic Concierge Service your Classic Car will receive monthly, quarterly or annual visits from one of Jim's trained professionals. They will make sure your car is running and driving as it should. Using our newly-implemented concierge service, owners can arrange for their classic cars to receive a variety of services. Your Classic Car will receive general servicing from our team at Jim's Classic garage. They can attend to anything from minor work to major component or body repairs.

Car Shows

Do you enjoy taking your car to shows, but hate all the prep that goes along with along with it? We handle every step of the process including detailing your car, shipping, setup at the event and everything to get the car back home. All you have to do is show up and enjoy. When you use Jim's Classic Concierge Service you can be sure in knowing Jim has the details taken covered.  Just send us your flight and hotel itinerary as well as the vehicle you are showing and we will make sure you are extremely happy while at the car show.

When you are headed off to your next car show, Jim's Classic Concierge Service will make sure you have everything you need. Every car that Jim's Classic Concierge Service preps receives the following:

  • Rags & Towels
  • Tire Cleaner
  • Spray-on Polish
  • Roll-up banner of your car
  • Chocolate with image of your car. It says, "Look but don't eat!"
  • Two Jim's Classic Garage hats
  • Pens, Sharpies
  • Two Umbrellas
  • Car cleaned in / out
  • All fluids checked and ready to drive
  • Two chairs and table provided
  • Four water bottles
  • Snacks
  • One car duster
  • Description pamphlets of your car 

Ready for a car show? Give our Concierge Department a call at (206) 406 -1313.