This 1995 SL500 has just over 86,000 miles on it. Both tops are in excellent shape as you will notice from the many photos we have taken.

Our client has several cars and has asked us to sell this one. We’d like you to know that the title has been rebuilt. At this time, we’ve not run a title search to find out why, however, we will, and suggest anyone looking at the car seriously do the same. Since the owner bought the car “as is”, he didn’t ever notice it until after he bought it. There’s nothing wrong with the car at all. You can see from the undercarriage photos that the car is in great shape. If you’ve got the opportunity to drive it, you will notice that she drives very nice.

The interior has several very small issues that I personally would take care of immediately. The steering wheel is sun cracked and should be replaced. The drivers side door speaker cover is cracked and should be replaced, and finally, the passenger side sun visor is missing the mirror for it and should be installed. That’s all on the interior.

The engine compartment is extremely clean and is lacking for nothing.

The paint and body is in very nice shape. There are some hardened water spots and a couple of scratches, other than that, she’s good looking and ready to drive.

Hardtop/Softop. Again, there’s nothing wrong with either of them. What I like about this Mercedes, is the removal process and operation of both of them. There’s no need to get your tools out to undo or tighten either one of them. Just hit the button and it locks and unlocks.

The owners statement that he’s extremely happy with every aspect of the car, matches what we have found during our inspection. We look for anything out of the ordinary on all the cars that come in, and can’t find anything wrong with this one.

‘’Rebuilt’’ title most of the time means it was in an accident. What we can tell you, is that insurance company’s write off and total out cars that are perfectly fine and running. If you look online at our website, you will see a 2017 Honda Civic, and a 2014 Subaru Legacy. These cars came with a salvaged title because they were in the flood zone down in Florida. One of them was on the car lot, amongst cars that got seriously wet. Well, the insurance company’s don’t want anyone coming back to sue them for negligence if their brakes go out, so they just write them off, whether they got wet or not. So, don’t be afraid to look. This cars street value is $9k. The retail price is just about $12k. This car, because it has a rebuilt title gives you, the opportunity to drive an extremely cool car for 50 cents on the dollar just because it says “rebuilt” 

The tires and wheels are in excellent shape. The wheels are made of aluminum alloy and the tires are almost new with excellent tread life left.

If your interested in looking at it, or have a question or two, please call Jim at 206-406-1313. The asking price for this car is, $5,000