This 1976 Mercedes Daimler-Benz 450 SL has been in storage since 2004. This car was built in Germany and shipped to the US.  Needing only a fuel pump, cleaning, etc. We now have it up and running. She has just over 133k miles on her.

After tearing into the car, cleaning it, and emptying the trunk, we found some problems. First off, some surface rust around trunk corners, edges of the soft top trunk, etc.  We have treated most of it with a rust inhibitor, and all in all it's not bad. The trunk gas a section of the floor pan 12''X12'' that has rusted Thru. We will propose someone buy it as is, or pay us an additional $500 to fix the issue.

The soft top is in good shape. The isinglass needs replacing, and the frame is broken in 2 places. A new frame is in order.

The hardtop is in good shape along with the glass.

The drivers side window is broken and needs replacing. Again, you can buy it As-Is or we will replace the window for $750.

The wheels and tires are in good shape. The interior has some weather related issues, but all in all is in good shape. All gauges are working.

We are asking $6,500   If you have any questions, please call Jim at 206-406-1313

We are able to assist with shipping.


Interior: Blue
Exterior: Dark Blue
Matching #'s Engine:
Doors: 2
Rear End:

VIN: 1074412032151
Year: 1976
Make: Mercedes Daimler-Benz
Model: 450 SL Convertible
Miles: 133,xxx
Transmission: Automatic
Seats: 2


Hard top
Soft top




Air Conditioning
Manual Brakes
Manual Steering


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