1970 VW Bug


This 1970 VW Beetle Classic 1600 was completely restored back in 2011. The elderly gentleman that performed the work (hired it out) was a "Good Guys Fanatic"  Not leaving anything to chance, he followed the process all the way from start to finish.  From the engine, to paint, it's all new. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to spend any time driving it, and has since passed. His widow has asked us to document all the work performed, and sell it.

This car was definitely loved and we are tasked with finding someone who will love it the same way he did. (If you think I'm kidding, you should have seen the look on the Widows face when I drove off in her husband's prized possession!) 

We have quite a bit if the paperwork that goes with the restoration work. 

When we first looked at the car a few weeks ago, there wasn't a mark on it, it was perfect. Fast forward to yesterday when we noticed someone had "bumped" the car in a couple of areas while parked in the garage, hence doing some very minor damage to the trunk lid by the handle, and the rear quarter panel. It looks as though the Landscaper rolled past the car with the lawnmower, hitting the car. The quarter panel area can be buffed out. The hood will need some minor body, then paint work. We have estimated that less than $1,000 will cover the cost of this work. Our pricing takes this work into consideration.

The inside is flawless. It is black with gray inserts. All along, the husband knew that someone driving this would want a kick ass stereo, therefore a sub-woofer was installed behind the back seat.

I have personally driven this little gem, and although I am a Corvette man, I kind of like it!  Parking it is fun! This car is being offered for sale for $10,750

Please call Jim at 206-406-1313 and give him your credit card, or your routing number and bank account number, he will do the rest!

We are able to assist with shipping.


Interior: Gray/Black Leather
Exterior: Poppy Red/Orange
Matching #'s Engine: No
Wheels: 15 Inch
Doors: 2
Rear End: 10 Bolt
Spare/Jack: No

VIN:  1102978271
Year: 1970
Make: VW
Model: Beetle-Classic
Miles: 27,897
Engine: NA
Transmission: Manual
Seats: 4


Factory 4 Speed

Air Conditioning
Manual Brakes
CD Player


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