Restoration Update

The owner of this soon to be beautiful 1969 Mercedes 280SL has asked us to fix a couple of small items in it's interior. Before he knew what happened, we got a hold of his credit card and went crazy!!

The plan is to restore this car to as close to its original condition as possible. The rising prices of these cars, bodes well for owners like our Clients, who purchased theirs brand new in 69'. A number 1 condition 280SL is going for roughly $150k;   A number 2 condition car goes for $90k on average. Now, a car restored at Jim's Classic Garage will be worth far more, for two reasons. One, is that we do the best work on restoration amongst any of the best in the business. And two, is that we are Soooo good looking!

Phase I  To-date we have removed the engine, tranny, driveline, rear end and axle housing.  Refreshed the engine and tranny with new seals and paint.  Cleaned, tested and repaired the radiator, heater & fuel tank.

Phase 2 To-date we have gotten the car back from paint and started putting it all back together.

Phase 3 To-date we have completed the restoration and the client has his car back. As you can see from the photos the car turned out beautifully.