Unfortunately, the old owner badged this car as an Oldsmobile 442. The car itself is just a convertible Cutlass. 

Currently, we’ve ordered and are installing a brand new interior kit. Door panels, kick panels, carpet, headrests, etc.

The paint is brand new. We just finished a cut and polish process. This cars condition is phenomenal. There’s absolutely zero rust whatsoever. The pans are good, the trunk is good, the door jams, rockers, sill plates, etc.....all perfect

The amount of new parts on this car is endless. Even the soft top is brand new. She currently runs and drives great. As for the mileage on the engine, we don’t know. With the amount of work that went into the restoration of the car, we believe it to be a very low mileage engine. It has had a power glide automatic transmission mated with a 350 block.

We have performed a check on every system, even the brakes. Once the dash and all electrical get put together, she is ready to go.

There are several sale options here. One is to buy it as-is and we will put all the new parts in the trunk and ship it to you. $16,750

Option 2 is that we complete the unfinished work, and ship it to you when we’re finished. The price for this option will be $23,500

I’ve had one if these cars (a hardtop) when I was 19, and there’s nothing better. This car is pretty close to perfect, from the standpoint of straight, no rust, etc.

We are able to assist with shipping.


Interior: Black
Exterior: Silver
Doors: 2


VIN: 336678Z114924
Year: 1968
Make: Oldsmobile
Model:  Cutlass convertible (442 clone)
Engine: 350 Block
Transmission: Automatic
Seats: 4