This 1965 Mustang Fastback Hi-Performance K-Code is being offered for sale for $38,000. The very first K-Code we had here at the shop that sold a couple of years ago, was my personal car and not even on the market when it sold! Leave it to the folks living in Holland to sweep it out of the States and across the pond never to be heard from again!  

That was a true K-Code in poppy red.  It, along with my prized 66’ Corvette were the pride and joy of my collection and long hours bent over the hood late at night. I never thought in a million years that they could be bought out from underneath me as fast as they were. Two guys from Holland drop in to look at another car I had for sale, and walked right over to the Corvette and K-Code. I said NOT A CHANCE! THEIR NOT FOR SALE. Twenty minutes later, I was headed to the Portland Swap meet with a shit-pot of money!

That story leads into this one. A Clients car we have serviced a few times over the last few years. Although different colors, Everything else about the cars are the same.  They are both a bad-ass piece of machinery, seemingly putting out way more horsepower than the 271 that they produce.  This one is gorgeous thru and thru. The details spent on painting the hard surfaces inside stand out right away when the doors swing open. Everything about the interior is almost perfect. What can I say, I love this car!  

This is a true K-Code car, with a period correct block, however, missing the Hi-Po heads which were replaced with Hi-Po World product heads.  The block and connecting rods all look to be correct, with the same for the Cam.

The upper end of the engine also is missing the correct ignition as well as the carburetor.

So, this leaves us with the correct body (both vins have been inspected and match), less the components for a complete Hi-Po 289/271 Hp k-code engine. To close, it is a period correct block, correct crank, pistons, and cam. All the ingredients you will need to build the correct engine.

It brings together an opportunity to buy, drive and enjoy a perfectly good K-Code car with the exact same horsepower, look and design of a K-Code engine, but without the cost associated with it. 

Drive it now while you look for the correct heads, etc. 

Please note: somewhere between 1965-2017, the 5 in the vin was accidentally changed to a 4. Upon my client buying it, he had it changed back.  This resulted in him taking it to the State Patrol, where they pulled the fender off, revealing the hidden Vin, which in turn proved that it was an authentic K-Code car. The change and date is now prominently displayed on the title. 

For those of you wanting to know where the correct K-Code parts are....We don’t know. The client bought the car thinking it was all correct, until such time we decoded it for him. The car is in remarkable shape from the interior to the paint job, it is extraordinary, and extremely well care for. At $38k firm, you really won’t find a better opportunity.

The $38k firm price was snatched up within the first 12 hours of actively listing it the first time around, and we know it will be again. We’ve estimated it will cost someone roughly $2,800 to put the engine together correctly. If it were me, I’d drive the thing, then worry about buying the heads, etc. 

One thing we didn’t know until we really started to decode it. The K-Code is more sought after than an old original Shelby. This is because of the supply and demand rule of thumb. I know that K-Codes represent only 1% of all Mustangs ever built back in 1965. What this means to me, is if your looking for an excellent opportunity, buy this one. They won’t make them anymore and the list of K-Codes built will most likely dwindle over time.
We’re in no hurry to sell this car and feel, based on its overall condition, that we are almost underpriced. I know this for sure, if it doesn’t sell, it’s most likely going to find its way into my personal collection.  

All numbers match as a decode was performed the last time it was in for service.  Please see the decode sheet amongst the photo files 

The undercarriage is as clean as you’ll get for a car that is lightly driven

The engine compartment shows the same, but without road debris. Crisp and clean like all the engine components.

The paint shows very well in the pictures, but even better in person. There might be 2 very small rock nicks, and that’s it. Standing there taking photos was hard to do because of the reflection. It was like hi-gloss black.

The disc brakes on front and drum brakes on the rear are all in excellent health and recently serviced. Tires and wheels are the same.

If you are interested in the car, or have some questions for Jim, please call him at     206-406-1313