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1964 Chrysler 300K

We are always on the look-out for cars that need restoration. We've found that nobody's work measures up to ours. Every once in a while we find an already finished car that makes a statement. This Chrysler 300 letter car did much more than that.

When asked by the seller if we would make a trade for a BelAir Special of ours (under restoration) the answer was no.  After looking at the work that went into the restoration of this 300, I changed my mind, fast!

Two things are very evident with this car. First, the impeccable quality of workmanship that went into restoring each and every piece on this car. Second, these engines, starting with the first series 300 hp car, to this one with a 413ci, 360 hp engine, don't get any better.

The Seller is a master mechanic and used to teach auto mechanics and restoration for years. Now it's his hobby. If I thought there was a chance he would accept an offer from us for employment, I would hire him immediately, he's that good.

He bought the car in pieces with a brand new paint job and the engine and transmission freshly rebuilt. Being a perfectionist, he tore down the engine to make sure they did it right (hardened seats, the right cam, etc). Second, he saw too many flaws in the paint job, therefore had it re-painted. Who does this?

If there aren't enough pictures of individual parts being restored, we most likely have them. If your looking for a car in better shape than when it came off the assembly line, this one is it.

Power everything, from brakes, antenna, etc. The back seat has massive amounts of room and the passenger seats reclines all the way back.

I'm very confident that you will conclude that everything I've stated here in the description is 100% accurate.

$25,000 buys the car. If you need help shipping it somewhere, please call Jim for a quote @ 206-406-1313. International shipping can also be facilitated with door to door service available in most countries.




Interior: Cream
Exterior: Burgundy
Matching #'s Engine: 
Doors: 2
Rear End: 

VIN: 8443187876
Year: 1964
Make: Chrysler
Model: 300K
Miles: 250 after rebuild
Engine: Rebuilt 413 Wedge
Transmission: Automatic
Seats: 3



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