Jim’s Classic Garage is pleased to announce the arrival of this absolutely beautiful 1957 Chevy BelAir hot-rod.

 This is not your ordinary BelAir, this is the most amazingly beautiful car you could imagine owning. Again, this is another car we’ve listed on behalf of the estate of the owner who had this car built.

 Starting with the paint, it was done brilliantly inside and outside. I made mention in other ads for this mans 83’ Mercedes, and his 37’ Chevy hot-rod, that when I buy cars, I buy the man/woman who’s owned it and cared for it. Well, not only keeping his cars garaged, covered, trickle charged, etc., he made sure that there was non ethanol fuel in each one of them, so on and so forth.

 The engine is rebuilt and brand new, as well as the T-400 automatic transmission. The LT1 engine came from a Z28 Camaro and was balanced and blueprinted. They then added fuel injection, along with a Mustang II front end, A/C, power steering, custom stereo, tilt steering, etc. there’s nothing about this car that’s not absolutely amazing. They did use the rubberized undercoating on the undercarriage, which for all you car guys, typically means someone’s hiding something. Well, not in this case, it was just a poor choice. Look at the undercarriage pictures if the 37’ Chevy we listed for him, and you’ll notice they corrected the materials used on that one and used a POR15 type product. Matt black and gorgeous.

 We’d like to say that this car comes in st a #1 condition car, but because if the undercoating used, I’d say it’s defiantly a hard #2 condition car.

 We’ve also got all documentation and receipts for just about everything that went into this build.

 For additional information, please call Jeff at 253-227-6798 or Jim at 206-406-1313

We are able to assist with shipping.


Interior: TEAL
Exterior: TEAL
Doors: 2
Seats: 4

Transmission: T-400 AUTO


VIN: VC57012928
Year: 1957 
Engine: V8