1954 Chevrolet Bel Air Special for sale. 

The Story:

There is an unfortunate story for the old owner that translates into an opportunity for someone else. The car had been restored, however, the individual that did the restoration didn't use the correct paint code, nor did he install the right color scheme. He sold the car to our client, who in turn wanted to spend an unlimited amount of resources to make this an all numbers matching, paint correct beautiful car that looked like it just drove off the lot in '54. 

Our client took it to a local restoration shop and dropped the car off with a deposit check for $25,000 plus a perfectly restored car. He told the owner of the restoration shop to make it right. Thirty days go by and they hear nothing.  I believe at that point they had heard rumblings in car circles they ran in, that a local restoration shop was taking advantage of people and not providing them the service they promised. As my Client walked in the door of the shop, there they found the body of his car on a dolly. Turns out, the restoration shop sold all the wheels and tires, the engine, transmission and the rear end. Oh, plus they had already spent the $25k. The local police were called and showed up in order to help my client take all the parts to the car, load them into the interior of the car, and a tow truck drove it back home.

Now its a thorn in his side.  It's also a reminder of being ripped off. We have bought it and have started putting it back together. 

The Work:

The body, paint, dash, gauges, door panels, headliner, etc are all in excellent shape. There is no rust at all and the chrome bumpers as well as all other trim is in excellent shape. 

In attempts to sell the body and frame, we found a perfectly built, all assembled, rolling chassis.  This guy was looking for a body like ours.  Well, we bought it and lowered the body last week.  At this time, we are prepared to sell the whole set up or finish the job for anyone interested.

We started the process of covering the seats which came with the car.  We stopped when we realized that as we stretched the material over the frame, there were some scratches we didn't like so we stopped and are in search of new covers.

$19,975 takes all, including the extra frame.

Here is a link to watch the video of the body being lowered onto the rolling chassis:     https://vimeo.com/187056177



Interior: Black
Exterior: Red/Silver
Matching #'s Engine: 
Doors: 2
Rear End: 

VIN: C540037934
Year: 1954
Make: Chevy
Model: Bel Air
Miles: 75,036
Engine: NA
Transmission: Manual
Seats: 4


Factory 4 Speed

Air Conditioning
Manual Brakes
Manual Steering


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