$2,500 OBO

This 55' Chevy BelAir has been refitted with a 350 Chevy engine and a 350 automatic transmission. Mechanically and electrically she is in excellent shape. The interior has been redone, but several years ago. The paint job and body work is a 6 out of 10 and could use a little lovin.  Drive the car today and work on the paint later. Great tires and wheels finish the car off perfectly.

‘’Please make the process of buying a classic car from us a respectful one’’

With the average age of the cars we represent being roughly 70 years old, we do as much homework as possible to give our audience correct and accurate information. Sometimes that’s not easy. We inspect these cars, as well as talk to the previous owner and gather as much from both of these sources we can, then take upwards of 150 photos, and videos to tell a story about the car from all sources.  

It’s not at all like selling a brand new car in which comes with a warranty. What you see is what you get. Buying a car from us is going to be “As-Is”   So, our job is to tell you what we know, based on limited information, and we’d like you to ask as many questions as possible in order to feel comfortable. All we ask is that you do it respectfully. We might not have the answers you need, but can give you our opinion. If we say it runs and drives great, it does. If we say it needs work, it needs work.

We are able to assist with shipping.

For more information please call Jim at 206-406-1313


Doors:                              Seats: