Our clients have asked us to completely restore their newly purchased 1948 International KB-2. This is a very rare truck, with only a couple of years in production before moving on to bigger trucks.


This truck comes stock with an inline 6 cylinder engine and a manual transmission (floor shifter). The old owner installed a "Knox'' dump bed on it, running a hydraulic system with 2 rather large rams to lift the all steel bucket. When deciding to buy the truck or not, the back bed having their last name embedded on the tailgate was the deciding factor.  How cool is that!


Our task is to remove the entire body and bed from the frame. Second, is to either rebuild or buy a new engine and transmission.  Our search has determined that a "crate"  engine with an automatic transmission would work best. Inner fender wells will have to be modified in order to get the engine inside of the engine compartment.  


The differential will have to be re-geared.   Since it's old, we will consider buying a brand new rear end, axles, and new brakes all in one move.  Disc brakes are expensive, therefore, disc on front, drum on the back is what's going to have to happen.


The interior is a basic factory green color painted the same green as the exterior. Our plans are to soften things up a bit, depending on finances.  Fabric door panels, a headliner, carpet on the floor with some insulation, etc.  Repainting the interior a color that our client likes would be beneficial in accomplishing the softening goal.


The frame will be sandblasted, treated with a rust inhibitor, then painted with a factory semi gloss undercarriage paint.


When performing a restoration of any size, we sit down with our clients and ask questions.  If we can personalize anything on the vehicle, this is the time. My conversations with the driver of this truck and his wife, leaves me very confident that the plan we have so far will make this truck a perfect fit.


If anyone has questions about the work we are doing, or would like to make an appointment to talk to us about the work we do, please call Jim at 206-406-1313 or email him at jim@jimsclassicgarage.com.