The Ford Model A which-produced from 1927 to 1931-was the second big success for the Ford Motor Company, following the Ford Model T. The first Model A manufactured was produced on October 20th, 1927, but the new Model A's were not sold until December 2, 1927, and were offered in four standard colors.

In February of 1929, only two years in to production, one million Model A's had been sold. By March, 1930, Model A sales hit three million and body styles were offered in 9 variations; Coupe (Standard and Deluxe), Business Coupe, Sports Coupe, Roadster Coupe (Standard and Deluxe), Convertible Cabriolet, Convertible Sedan, Phaeton (Standard and Deluxe), Tudor Sedan (Standard and Deluxe), Town Car, Fordor (2-window, in Standard and Deluxe), Fordor (3-window, in Standard and Deluxe), Victoria, Station Wagon, Taxicab, Truck and Commercial. When production of the Model A ended in March of 1932, there were 1,507,132 of the 1929 Ford Model A's of which only 4,954 Model A Station Wagons were manufactured.

The engine of the Model A was a water-cooled L-head 4-cylinder with a displacement of 201 cu in. The engine provided 40 hp and top speed was around 65 mph. The transmission was a conventional 3-speed sliding gear manual unsynchronized unit with a single speed reverse. The Model A also featured 4-wheel mechanical drum brakes. This car was the first Rod to use the standard set of driver controls (with conventional clutch and brake pedals, throttle and gearshift) and the first car produced to have safety glass in the windshield.

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