1927 Dodge Brothers Coupe

This well-preserved, kick ass Dodge Coupe is the stuff of history. It is not too often we get to sell a car with copies of original titles, first transfer, second and last title transfer.

We have the copy of the original title when it sold new in 1927. We also have the first title transfer after that to our client's mother who bought the car in 1957. After that she sold it to her son, our client, in 1965, and he has had it since.

My client took his driving test in this car with the DOL.  It is very rare that we can show not only who, but when and where titles were transferred. This is an ALL- original Dodge Brothers car and not only is it excellent looking, it is a piece of art.

The title number is 12164 and the engine/Vin is D93-019-6.

When buying a car for our shop we don’t necessarily buy the car on its own merits, we buy the owner. After spending several weeks getting to know him, I would buy one of his cars anytime. They are well-cared for cars and the shop is clean.

For more information on this car, please call Jim at 206-406-1313.