This absolutely, positively, gorgeous automobile is being offered for sale from a local car collectors collection. At one point he was with 12 plus high end cars. Down now to 3, it's time to let go. (reluctantly) I've talked with him about why, and simply put, its time. He's had his turn, and at 80, it's time to Pass the baton to someone younger, and more capable of driving it, and more importantly, maintaining it.

I'll make an attempt at having one of you potential buyers kick in and buy this one for me. My taste buds for Pierce Arrows salivate every time I see one that has been restored to this level. If your bidding on it, you know what I mean

Let's face it...Any car that installs an ashtray and cigar/cigarette holder, AND a Vase for your wife's flowers, (or your gay boyfriends flowers! ) (Sorry) has got to be one helluva car.

The joinery with regards to the trim and woodwork was done perfectly. Now, it's also a testament to the work performed during restoration. Remember, all of this trim was removed, refinished and reinstalled. The headroom, legroom. Comfort and style this car offers would make one think it was a six figure car. Nope!  We're offering it for sale for $41,500. Now, if your looking for a deal, take a look at our 1948 Packard Convertible and our 1962 Rolls Royce. All 3 can be bought at a discounted price of $97,000. Now, if you want to kick in and buy all 3 for me, perfect, I accept!

We are able to assist with shipping.


Interior: Tan
Exterior: Burgundy/Black
Matching #'s Engine:
Doors: 4
Rear End:

VIN: 8011734
Year: 1926
Make: Pierce Arrow Series 80
Model: G80
Miles: 8,728
Engine: V6
Transmission: Manual
Seats: 4


PHS Documents
Factory 4 Speed

Air Conditioning
Manual Brakes
Manual Steering


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